Yard Drainage

Do you have water pooling up in your yard? If so, you may want to install an effective yard drainage system. At Tri State Water Proofing & Home Improvement, it's what we do, and we do it very well, on-time and at a reasonable price.

Not only will your yard look better and be more useful, but having a yard that drains properly will prevent water damage to the foundation of your home. Furthermore, a proper drainage system and gutters with the correct type of extensions will often eliminate water seepage into a basement or crawl space.

Hire A Contractor or Do-it-Yourself

A drain tile project is pretty simple to plan, however, it requires a lot of manual effort. Experience really matters in producing a result that is going to work. Often the do-it-yourselfer may encounter some problems along the way, for example; tree roots, driveways, sidewalks, large rocks or underground utilities. Installing the french drain yourself can not only be more time consuming, but also more costly than hiring a professional. Many times we have had customers work for weeks on their yard drainage only to call us and have the problem fixed in just a day with our experienced crews.

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Steps We Take and the Materials We Use

  • Materials used include drain tile pipe, rock, sand, shovels, rakes, backhoe, trenchers and strong backs.
  • Starting from where the water will enter the drain and ending where the water will flow out, we dig a ditch that is about 10 inches deep x 6 inches wide.
  • We lay about 2-4 inches of rock into the trench before placing the pipe lengthwise into the ditch.
  • Cover the pipe with another layer of rocks, again about 2 inches.
  • Fill in the remaining space with soil and then plant some grass seed or sod as per the job specs.